Monday, 25 February 2008



  1. That's lovely.

    I think I know exactly how that feels, to be a small girl confronted by a massive bird. And to look that bird square in it's little black eyes. Perhaps not.

    Incidentally, a comprehensive guide to how Tom Richmond, of MAD magazine fame (he's probably famous in America) colours in his cartoons in photoshop can be found on his blog:
    which may be of interest.
    It seems like his way is pretty much how most people go about it, unless of course you use the top secret magic "colour-in" button that I can't tell you about.

  2. Hi Becky. My name is Elske I'm a friend of Sr. Laura's! Have a new job i publishing and looking for an illustrator- any interest? Do you know Bartleby by Melville? Could I e-mail you the story and maybe you could sketch up a quick suggestio if you're interested?